The Department of Psychology and Pedagogy is a teaching and didactic structure of Partium Christian University within which specific training is ensured for students and higher education graduates  who choose a career in teaching.

  • Level I. (initiation) BA - 3 years duration of studies, day courses, tuition places
  • Level II. (in-depth study) MA -  2 years duration of studies, day courses, tuition places
  • Postgraduate program (BA, Level I.) -1 year duration of studies, day courses, tuition places

The program for psychopedagogical training is unique at the country level, having been designed in accordance with Minister’s Order no.. 5745 of 13. 09. 2012, with subsequent changes and addenda regarding the approval of the program for psychopedagogical training with a view to certification for a didactic profession through Departament of Psychology and Pedagogy. 

  • Enrollment at DDD is optional and consists in filling in an enrollment form, and consigning the following documents at the secretariat: legalized copy of the birth certificate, legalized copy of the identity card, certificate atesting  the student statute (if necessary), diploma/certificate atesting the graduation of Level I of psychopedagogical courses (for enrollment in Level II.), receipt attesting the payment of the enrollment fee (50 Ron);
  • Admission to DPP course Level I is made based on an interview aimed at identifying the set of basic aptitudes required by the  didactic profession;
  • Admission to DPP course Level II is made based on an interview aimed at assessing the knowledge acquired at Level I and the teaching experience, as well as on a bibliography;
  • Those who do not opt for the psychopedagogical training program of DPP during their BA studies, can take it up at the postgraduate level, after obtaining their BA diploma, cf. O. M. no. 5745 of 13.09.2012 with subsequent changes and addenda;
  • The program of studies according to which the Program for psychopedagogical training is run is approved by Ministery of National Education